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Things to check first!

My furnace is not working at all.

  • Make sure that your thermostat is in the “heat” position
  • Make sure that the temperature that the thermostat is set at is above the indoor air temperature.
  • Is there power to the furnace?  Check your fuse box or circuit breaker box to see if you have a blown fuse or tripped breaker.  If everything checks out at your fuse box or circuit breaker box, make sure the switch at the furnace is to the on position.  If the switch is on and the furnace still does not come on, check to make sure the furnace blower door is properly closed.  There is a switch on the furnace door that activates the furnace, and if it is not properly set, the furnace will not activate.

My furnace is not heating properly.

There are so many reasons for a furnace not to operate properly.  Here are a few things to check before calling for a service call.

  • There is not enough heat coming out of the register.
    • Check your air filter.  After cleaning or replacing it and your still have a problem, you may have a blower motor going bad or something is wrong in your ductwork.
  • My filter is clean, but there is still not enough air flow coming through the registers.
    • There are three other possibilities that could be wrong still would be a dirty blower section, a plugged secondary heat exchanger, or a plugged evaporator coil.  To properly clean these 3 issues, they have to be removed, disassembled, cleaned, and put back together.  These issues require a qualified technician to service the equipment.
  • My furnace kicks on and off very often.
    • This is more than likely caused by one of the furnace’s limit being tripped.  This can be several different problems.  It can be from a dirty filter, an oversized furnace, iced over PVC venting, or even a plugged drain line.  Our suggestion is to call for a service call.
  • My furnace makes a loud banging noise.
    • This is most likely caused by a delayed ignition.  This is considered a dangerous situation; we suggest you call for a service call in this situation.


I turned my thermostat to cool, turned the temperature down, and my air conditioner isn’t turning on.

  • Some air conditioning units have a time delay.  Some delays can last up to 10 minutes with a digital thermostat.  If the air conditioning unit doesn’t start up after 10 minutes, check your fuse box for a blown fuse or your breaker box for a tripped breaker.  If that checks out fine, go outside by your unit and check that the disconnect (similar to a breaker) is on. Also if Dorton Air Concepts installed your system we put an overflow device on your system to insure that your system does not flood. Check this auxiliary float switch or safety switch to make sure there is no water. If there is water it is telling you that your system main drain is probably clogged. In this case you will see no display on your thermostat as the safety switch will cut low voltage power to your thermostat and condensing unit.

My air conditioner is running, but I don’t feel any cold air.

  • Your refrigerant in your air conditioning system may be low.  This is caused by a possible leak in your system or the unit was improperly charged.  Please contact our service department for assistance. 
  • Your air filter on your furnace may be dirty.  Check your filter and change or clean the filter if it is dirty. A dirty filter can dramatically increase your utility costs and freeze your system. We recommend that you change your filter regularly.

My outdoor air conditioner unit is making noises.

  • All units are going to make noises.  If it is a loud scraping noise something is wrong.  It is possible that your condenser fan motor has become dislodged and is hitting the top of the unit.  If that is the case, shut off the unit and contact our service department immediately for assistance.

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