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  Entries to win include: Reason for entry:
4 Richard Backus Renew Contract
5 Golden Pond Communities System Change Out
6 Uri & Miriam Argov Purchased PM Contract
7 Town of windermere Renew Contract
8 Mr. Panek Purchased PM Contract
9 Ted Englander Renew Contract
10 Bob Sackett System Change Out
11 Linda Cascio Purchased PM Contract
12 Lorenzo Murillo Service Call
13 Joseph Venezia Service Call
14 Dean Fairchild System Change Out
15 Glen Barron Service Call
16 Glen Steele Service Call
17 Doug Perry Service Call
18 Robert Godino Service Call
19 Robert McGraw Service Call
20 Mel Erenberg T-Stat Replacement
21 Victor Acecedo Service Call
22 Lina Perilla Service Call
23 Lucille Covell Service Call
24 Dace Gabbi Service Call
25 Jeff Odro Service Call
26 Pam Schmidt Service Call
27 Ed Mearing Service Call
28 Wayne Gerhardt Service Call
29 Alan Simpkins Service Call
30 Joe Balash Coil Replacement
31 Dan Berry Purchased PM Contract + Service Call
32 C. Henry Service Call
33 John Bell Purchased PM Contract
34 Greg Owens Service Call
35 George Powell Condenser Change Out
36 Jose Rouge 2 Coil Change Outs
37 Harri Ramjit Relocate Air Handler
38 Keedy &Burnett Service Call
39 Mel Leonard Coil Change Out
40 Mel Torres Coil Change Out
41 Ms. Cheek Service Call
42 William Hodgkins Service Call
43 Sunil Deonarine Service Call
44 Rich Woodring Service Call
45 Criswell Coil Change Out
46 Alicia Dala Service Call
47 Hodges Service Call
48 Kim Ruggiero Purchased PM Contract
49 Hepworth Service Call
50 Richard O'Brien Service Call
51 Wfly Mansour Coil Change Out
52 Mr. Fox Service Call
53 Kirt Ruthenbeck Service Call
54 John Chia Service Call
55 Ms. Leffler Purchased PM Contract
56 Willie Carson Purchased PM Contract
57 Robert Reed Service Call
58 Robert Slawsky System Change Out
59 Carlos Paniagua Service Call
60 Dan Hayden Service Call
61 Sherri King Service Call
62 Mr. Hay Purchased PM Contract
63 Jessica Wilkes Service Call
64 Lindsey Johnson Service Call
65 Ann Marie Vuini Purchased PM Contract
66 Mary Lamar Service Call
67 Tony Brown Coil Change Out
68 Allen Moss Service Call
69 Stephen Miller Service Call
70 Barbara Spillers Online Purchase
71 Dr. Limb Service Call
72 David Scisciani Service Cal
73 George Woodring Service Call
74 Lance Stemples Purchased 2 system PM
75 Stella Roffers Purchased PM Contract
76 Leaps and Bounds Daycare Service Call and PM Contract Purchase
77 Miquel Acevedo Renewed PM Contract
78 Karen and John Johnson Service Call
79 Kathy Harmon Replaced air handler
80 Marilyn Roberts Purchased PM Contract
81 Ms. Schmitz Service Call
82 John Bermilya Service Call
83 Cynthia Dodson Coil chng out
84 Ed Parker Coil chng out
85 John Burt Service Call
86 Terry Hawkins Service Call
87 Rick Faloh Service Call
88 S. Lamberg-Peterson Coil chng out
89 Vickie Edmunds Service Call
90 Jamie Davis On-line purchase
91 Billy Fenton Service Call
92 Dianne Dezarne Renew PM Contract
93 Juanita Cumbow On-line purchase
94 Jason Heath Service Call
95 Roy Wiggins Service Call
96 Joe Conn On-line purchase
97 Merv Albrecht System Installation
98 Olga Alvarez Service Call
99 Irene Ladd PM Contract purchase
100 Joan Tracy Service call
101 Oren Gabbi Condenser replacement
102 Paul Skojec Fan motor install
103 Alicia Martin Service Call
104 Debra Progue Service Call
105 Ron Hartman Service Call
106 Paul Wosnock Service Call
107 Craig Perry Service Call
108 Elaine Nurse Service Call
109 Marie Molina Service Call
110 David Gibbs Service call
111 Tanya Mohun Service Call
112 Kenny Pierrelouis Service Call
113 Yovana Silva Service Call
114 Linda Long Service Call
115 Don Fite Service Call
116 Bruce Jackson Service Call
117 Jessica Williams Service Call
118 Karen Tolan Service Call
119 Dave Gabbi Service Call
120 Jerry Miller Coil Change out
121 Tom Whitten Maintenance on system
122 Ms. Sebastian Service Call
123 Bill Ackley Package unit install
124 Ms. Spillers Package unit install
125 Bill Wiedesed Service Call
126 Perry Hetsler Service Call
127 Ron Lelonek Service Call
128 Laura McKenna Fan motor
129 Mr. Ledford Service Call
130 Ed Parker Evaporator Coil
131 Lisa Deguzman Service Call
132 Vivian Vierra Service Call
133 Jerry Miller Install Coil and PM Contract
134 Michael Keener Evaporator Coil
135 Alex Martinez Service Call
136 Howard Edwards TXV
137 Tara Suppes Service Call
138 Peter Mendimia Service Call
139 Scott Jennings Service Call
140 Mike Alburtson Service Call
141 Rich Stoddard PM Contract
142 Rose Trier Service Call
144 Val Vikhriy Service Call
145 Mrs. Grant PM Contract
146 Andrew
147 Mrs. Drake Service Call
148 Dr. Ehrlich PM Contract
149 John Bladek Service Call
150 Mary Matos PM Contract
151 Feelin Lucky Tattoo Condenser change out
152 Chris Keller PM service
153 Jim Costello Service Call
154 Gerado Gauldin Service Call
155 Janice Walker Service Call
156 Christine Wimert Compr. and motor c/o
157 Wayne Smith Service Call
158 Mark Wise Service call
159 Trevor Hornett Service Call
160 Donna Antoniotti PM Renewal
161 Michael Penna Cond Fan motor
162 Rick & Deborah Putz Service Call
163 Maria Claudio Service Call
164 Joe Hege Service Call
165 Michelle Mitchell Evap coil
166 Mr. Wandersee Service Call
167 Bill Gold Service Call
168 Presco Service Call
169 Rich Fleishman and Natalie Change out
170 Glenda Wright Service Call
171 Jessica Tirse Replaced motor/ pm contract
172 Charles Qiu Service Call
173 Kristie Bell Service Call
174 Chuck Caggiano Replaced fan motor
175 Nuria Joseph Service Call
176 E. Siniawski Replaced roto lock
177 Leslie Hime Replaced motor
178 Tavares learning center Service Call
179 Tom Richards Duct addition
180 Randy Dotson Duct addition
181 Charles Carter Renewal of PM contract
182 Bill Coy Filter rack
183 Randy Dotson Service Call
184 Craig Leslie Service Call
185 Peter Griswold Service Call
186 Lorna Ingram Service Call
187 Ana Neives Renewed PM Contract
188 Derrick Cunningham Replaced motor
189 Eugene Gagnon System installation
190 Peggy Singletary Service Call
191 Skip Cordrey Basic PM
192 Brown Distributors Renewed PM Contract
193 Wayne Cobb Service Call
194 Mr. Hogan PM Contract
195 Mr. Meanes Basic PM
196 Judith Swaby Service Call
197 James Weatherwax Service Call
198 Frank Dreano Evap Coil
199 Dale Langley Evap Coil
200 Gail Costello PM contract
201 Serggy Oneto Service call
202 Mr. Patrick Service Call
203 Victoria Woodring System installation
204 Angel Sierra System installation
205 Jeremy Carpenter Pull and Clean
206 Wendy Welcovitz Service call
207 Vincent Trupia Service call
208 John Maroth Service call
209 Robert Stange Service call
210 Jane Rooney Service call
211 Lyticia Banks Service call
212 Mike Melton Service call
213 Janet Barron Renewal PM contract
214 Norman Bryant Service call
215 Mike Clark Service call
216 Tina Drake Service call
217 Katrina Smith Service call
218 Buddy Rogers Service call
219 Donald Stumpf Service call
220 Charlotte Bass Service call
221 Marie Nistal Service call
222 Joe Stever Service call/pm contract
223 Dwayne Sparks Service call
224 Dale Addington Fan motor
225 Mr. Horner Service call
226 Sonya Nicholson Service call
227 Manual Martins Service call
228 Mike Barnett Service call
229 Dale McFadden Service call
230 Fraser Humfrey Service call/pm contract
231 Alex Glinkimn Service call
232 Joshua Kwantoro PM Contract purchase
233 Bill Greco Basic PM
234 Elizabeth Nicholson Service call
235 Carla Pereira Service call
236 Christin Arpa Fan motor
237 Fred and Judy Klipsch EWC motor
238 Robert Nebb Change out A/H
239 Mike Stone Service call
240 Mr. Taveras Service call
241 Willie Johnson Service call
242 David Warshawsky Basic PM
243 John Mandela Service call
244 Berta Magana Service call
245 Ron Ghring Service call
246 Lance Ward Service call
247 Roger Fielding Service call
248 Dave Batman Service call
249 McGraw Service Call
250 Fran Harswick Basic PM
251 Kevin Good Change out
252 Doug Atkins Service call
253 Gary King Service call
254 Orlando Morales Service call/pm contract
255 Debbie Whittenton Service call
256 Michelle Watts PM contract
257 Suzanne Thompson Fan motor
258 Scott Hutton Service call
259 John Monks Service call
260 Mary Simpkins Change out
261 Hector Contreras Service call
262 Franz Budel Change out
263 Larry Wade Change out
264 Salvatore Fusco Service call
265 Juliana Cadiz Service call
266 Mike Quinn Service call
267 Victor Quizhpe Service call
268 John Gay Fan motor
269 Florida Motel Service call
270 Brian Quinn (China Star) Compressor on cooler
271 Nickie Miller Pull and clean coil
272 Scott Hermon Service call
273 Dr. Nelson PM contract
274 Anthony Evans Service call
275 John Meyers PM Contract
276 Connie Favazza Service Call
277 Christine Maldonado Service Call
278 Mary (Mascotte) Service Call
279 Ms. Wilhite Basic PM
280 Doreen Barker PM Contract
281 Ralph Thayer Service Call
282 Gregory Jamason Service Call
283 Kelly O'Neill Service Call
284 Patrick Adams PM Contract
285 Louise Ianniello Service Call
286 Haley Rasmussen/Barrett Replace Evap Coil
287 Patrice Mikell Basic PM
288 Regina Scornacacca Service Call
289 Jose Melina PM Contract
290 Andy Gilchrist Service Call
291 Ganjana Smith Pull and Clean
292 Ms. Joyner PM Contract
293 Gary Gordon Service Call
294 Oscar Gonzalez Service Call
295 Jim Flack Control Board
296 Jerry Simpson Basic PM
297 Jill Baker Service Call
298 Bob Mauer Service Call
299 Betty D'Aoust Service Call
300 Lisa Lazaro Service Call
301 Jennifer Arnold Install Evap coil
302 Ray Corchado PM Contract/Service
303 Mathew Krecklau Install Motor/Module
304 Michelle Winslow Service Call
305 Michael Re Service Call
306 June Day Basic PM
307 Joe Kirchhoff Change Out
308 Maria Bryce Install Cond fan motor
309 Chris Handrahan PM Contract/TXV
310 Todd Guzman Install Compressor
311 Jim Kiernan Change out
312 Donald Pitts Install Blower Motor
313 Boujmaa Zouihir Service Call
314 Mr. DeVecchis Install Compressor
315 Francisco Sierra Service Call
316 Mr. Miller Service Call
317 Leah Pennington PM Contract
318 Sean Randial Service Call
319 James Broadribb PM Contract
320 Li Du Filters
321 Debra Mathis Service Call/ T-stat
322 Joseph Lewis Service Call
323 Amy Deering Service Call
324 Ron Olejariz PM Contract
325 Rangel Louis Service Call
326 Carmen Henry Install Cond fan motor
327 Debbie Nicholas Service Call
328 Mr. Hobbs Evap coil
329 Sam Cauley Service Call
330 Jeff and Donna Glaze Evap coil
331 Ian Schneider Service call
332 Ben Dyon Service call
333 Rose Ivey Basic PM
334 Madeline Andrews Service call
335 Rebecca Losie Service call
336 Cheryl Phillips Install fan motor
337 Ms. Moscoso Basic PM
338 Kathy Loffin Service call
339 Curtis Crider Basic PM
340 Basil Hurry Basic PM
341 Marilyn Hall Service call
342 Bill Gastfield Change out
343 Sandy Robertson Install TXV
344 Mara Loyko Basic PM
345 Ms. King PM Contract
346 Kristin Wilson Service Call
347 Arlene Love PM Contract
348 Patrick Talley Basic PM
349 Carrie Porter Service Call
350 P. Surujballi Basic PM
351 Rachael Smith Service Call
352 Luis Rossi PM contract
353 James Nimmo PM contract renewal
354 Radar Lura Service call
355 Michael Steve PM Contract
356 Carrier Storm Service call
357 Ray Watts Basic PM
358 Church of the Nazarene Service Call
359 Rowena Davis Service call
360 Heather Hart Change out condenser
361 Pam Bee Change out
362 Grace Chua Basic PM
363 Carlos Davila Service call
364 Ladonna Horner Service call
365 Kevin Irwin Service call
366 David Shirley Capacitor
367 Dan Rexroad Service call
368 Beverly Spencer PM contract
369 Rob (Terra Tenant) Service call
370 A. Richards Service call
371 Robert Persiano Service Call/ PM Contract
372 Joe Blasco Compressor change out
373 Kathy Colbertaldo PM Contract
374 Sam Ahar Service call
375 Mr. Rattee Service call
376 Dan Kirkman Basic PM
377 Suzanne Dufenhorst Service call
378 Eric Cooper Service call
379 Daniel Chirinos Basic PM/ T-stat
380 Dennis Castle PM Contract
381 Maria Fernandez Service call
382 Maria Lawrence Service call
383 Jason Roberts Service call
384 Vinette Byrd Service call
385 Carol Burnette Basic PM
386 Raphael Sibilly Service call
387 Jarretta Hamilton Service call
388 Myriam Negron Service call
389 Annette Rigual-Soto Service call
390 Maryann Ferrell Service call
391 David Wallach Service call
392 Mike Cauley PM Contract
393 American RV Install fan motor
394 Brandy Byrd Basic PM
395 JB Evins Service call
396 Mr. and Mrs. Bell Air handler c/o
397 James Johnson 2 System change out
398 Joe Call System change out
399 Glen Steele Service call/ evap coil
400 Dave Gushleff Service call
401 James Hook Compressor
402 Christina Simmons Service call
403 Susie Yocum/Parker Service call
404 Robin Trimarachi Compressor change out
405 Curtis Boyden Install Fan motor/blade
406 Kevin Welsh Basic PM
407 Debbie Leidenheimer Service call
408 Shannon Galvin Service call
409 John Vou Service call
410 Mr. and Mrs. Powers Service call
411 Johnson Abraham Basic PM
412 Nadia Grajales/Lina Perilla Service call
413 Kimberly Jackson Service call
414 Justin Robards Basic Pm
415 Cathy Singer Service call/ PM contract
416 Lynn Tyler Service call
417 Manuel Iglesias PM Contract
418 Benny Powell Service call
419 Abdel Sabat Service call
420 Anthony Manzella Service call
421 Kelly Wright Service call
422 Peter Clarke Basic PM
423 Tony Carter Service call
424 Mrs. Rodriguez System change out
425 Fox Service Call
426 Steve Nephew PM Contract
427 Paul Weddle Service Call
428 Mr. Burket Service Call/PM contract
429 Ms. Mullings Service Call
430 Jose Fericiano Service Call
431 Sandra Vela Service Call
432 E. Abel Service Call
433 Mark Smith Service Call
434 Wayne Smith Defrost Board
435 Chris Roshelle Service Call
436 Thalia Harnett Service Call/ PM
437 Cindy and David Mofield Service Call/ PM
438 Diana Rickabaugh Service Call/ PM
439 Bill Meyer Service Call
440 Marica Carington Service Call
441 Barbara Henderson Basic PM
442 Chris Vanburskirk Change out
443 Roger Miller Service Call
444 Jairam Ramphal Service call
445 Tom Whitney Service call
446 Jerry Merrifield Service call
447 Bobby Perrault Service call
448 Ben Whittenton Service call
449 Blair Russell Service call
450 Carol Blackshear Service call
451 Janno Mumm Basic PM
452 Marie Erilus Blower motor
453 Patricia Colbertaldo Basic PM
454 Derrick Urban Service call
455 Henry Kerrison Service call
456 Rick Friend PM Contract
457 Paul Partyka Service call
458 Horace Douglas Service call
459 Laura Rohe Service call
460 Mr. Mason Filters
461 Doug Wilson Service call
462 Joe Funkhouser PM Contract
463 Carol Nembrotti Service call
464 Mr. Riviera Service call
465 Steven Franklin PM Contract
466 Bonnie Northrup Service call
467 Mike Lovett Service call
468 Central FL. Rehab/Wellness Service call
469 Indu K. Patel PM Contract
470 Melinda Gordon PM Contract
471 David Longwater Service call
472 Richard Coward Cpmpressor
473 Peter Stark Service call
474 Shelia McCaffrey PM Contract renewal
475 Kristen Ambrosia PM Contract renewal
476 Autumn Add larger return air

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